Women Healing Session

Women are the pillars of the family, the heart and soul of our lives. But many have been hurt and abused in their past. The focus will be healing their emotions, remembering their true self and celebrating the sacred divinity & joy of being a woman! Learn to balance the energies of Yin & Yang within themselves. When their Yin & Yang are balanced, the women will naturally flow into the beauty, grace, love & pure sensuality of oneself!


  • To love themselves and learn to say No without feeling guilty.
  • Standing firm on their beliefs and fulfill their dreams fearlessly with wisdom & clarity.
  • To connect to their divine feminine and nurture themselves.
  • Forgiving and letting go of their traumatic past
  • Reconnecting to their Inner Child
  • Contact the souls of unborn children and departed loved ones

Who should come for this Healing Session?
Women who are looking to heal their hearts from broken relationship with partners and family.

Fee: RM400/hour/session

Practitioner: Beatrice Lee

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