The Art of Pure Intent (Foundation Level)

The Art of Pure Intent (Foundation Level)

Pure intent is given in a state of ceremony, love, appreciation, maturity, wisdom, and with sound and balanced reasoning. That's the step. It opens a door. It's a door that you can never close. It is absolute and irreversible.

With pure intent, we create every moment of our lives. We create love, peace and happiness from within. When we change from within, our outer world changes at the same time. It is an absolute law of Universe.

Mastering the art of pure intent grant you the power to void your karmas and become a true creator of your life! Sincerely, I would like to invite you to join this magical journey of allowing love, peace and happiness into your life.

Topics that are covered in the workshop include

• Pure Intent

• Universal Energy World

• The Law of Vibration

• Perceptions shape Realities

• The Law of Attraction (Resonance)

• Sufferings in Life

• Reflection (mirroring)

• Claim Back Your Inner Power!

• The Art of Letting Go

Fee: RM999

Practitioner: Sky Kho

*This workshop is part of The Attractive Experience. Call us @ 03 6142 7218 to find out more.

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