Tarot Card Reading

The Tarot is the ‘Eyes To Your Soul’. Tarot card reading has been around since the 18th century and has been used to guide many a seeker or troubled person. It is a tool that helps the person who is having a reading hear his/her inner voice clearly and draw to him/her self on an unconscious level or from his/her Soul the answers needed. Come experience the mysticism and magic of a tarot card reading with Rose!

Through a reading, you will :

  • be able to clarify, understand and embrace your deepest needs and desires
  • be able to examine and assess certain events or experiences in your past and present that may have impact on your current situation
  • be able to identify which aspects of your life, you need to focus on or work on
  • explore alternatives to the issue that you are concerned about and see the likely consequences
  • be guided to connect with your intuition and make positive decisions in the future
  • uncover important aspects about a person or situation which can help you improve, mend or repair your relationship with other people

Fee: RM350/hour/session

Practitioner: Rose Wong

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