Stress Management Session

Stress Management Session

This private session is specially catered to you, if you have been facing tremendous stress from work or home, and unable to resolve the stressful situation. The stress you face may be causing you tremendous anxiety, insomnia and tension in your body. Each session will be custom-made for your specific needs – working on those specific issues that causes you the most stress. Free yourself from the stress and learn how to manage your most stressful environments from this session!

What you can expect from this Stress Management Session:

  • Learn how to relax your body, mind and emotions during stressful situations
  • Let go of that emotional burden you are feeling at work or home
  • Get life-changing tips on how to permanently deal with different stress factors
  • Deal with anxiety and anxiety-related symptoms in your body and energy
  • Changing your attitudes towards your biggest life challenges

Who will benefit from this Stress Management Session?

  • People who are facing high-stress situations at work or home
  • People who suffer from stress-related anxiety symptoms and insomnia

Fee: RM450/hour

Practitioner: Lucy Chan

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