Soul Path Clearing

Soul Path Clearing

By most accounts, lasting happiness can only be achieved through the happiness of something that is lasting and that would be your inner being, or the soul as some systems would put it. The connection to your soul is through your heart but for many people, their hearts cannot be accessed due to past hurts and traumas. When these obstacles are in the way, the heart’s door to access the soul cannot be opened and one is left standing outside, a stranger to one’s soul.

A soul path clearing clears away the fears, bad programs, limiting beliefs and other obstacles, including hurts and traumas, which are in the way of your heart or the doorway to the soul. The purpose of this important and inevitable clearing is to open up the 2 pathways, to the heart and to the inner being, so that one is able to return “Home” to one’s true nature. And only when one is Home is one truly awakening from this life slumber to one’s soul consciousness, and eventually, to one’s true life and soul purpose.


Fee: RM350/60 min

Practitioner: Chong Bing Kuan

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