Soul Art Healing

There’s a famous quote, “A picture tells a thousand words”. Drawing helps to bring out the stories that lie within you, expressing your innermost thoughts and feelings, subconsciously.

Through art and colour, your heart and soul will be connected, to realise your inner psyche, potentials or even issues that you are currently facing. Drawing is extremely therapeutic and it allows your sub-conscious mind to express itself. Stacey will decipher your drawing to help you come to terms with your situation. This healing is highly recommended if you wish to release emotional blockages, anxiety, depression, or feeling lost in life direction. Your vision will become clear when you look into your heart.

This healing is suitable for adults or children, especially for those who find it hard to express through words, drawing makes the process of expressing easier!

Practitioner: Stacey Lee

Fee: RM400/60 min

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