Sekhem – Ancient Egyptian Healing

Sekhem – Ancient Egyptian Healing

Sekhem is an ancient Egyptian healing modality that is connected with the Universal Power of Love. It is a healing that was taught in the Temples of Ancient Egypt through the initiates. Sekhem is associated with the Goddess Sekhmet, the Guardian and Protector of this Universal Power of Love. Sekhmet’s energy and vibration is high, as she has always been associated with the star Sirius (the brightest start in the night sky) – destroying all those that no longer serves us. Sekhem has been used over the eons to transform our old beliefs and balancing a person’s body mind and soul, allowing the body the heal itself.

By coming for a Sekhem Healing session, you will:

  • Experience a deep sense of calmness, relief from stress and well-being
  • Let go of old beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve you
  • Be supported in your physical healing journey
  • Start to heal your inner and outer energetic body
  • Free yourself from emotional and energetic blocks
  • Experience increased mental clarity and focus
  • Transition from a challenge towards a new abundant start in your life

Who would benefit from this healing?

  • People from all walks of life who have the willingness to change their beliefs and emotions
  • Insomnia patients and people who have a high-stress lifestyle

Fee: RM450/hour

Practitioner: Lucy Chan

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