The Chakra Code (Level 1)

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Chakras are our body’s energy centers that contain our vital life energy force. All of us have seven main chakras in our body. Each chakra has a different number of petals and energy that flows into them.

Our every thought and emotion affects the energy flow withinour chakras and also around us. Whatever you think will have tremendous impact on how you feel and what you experience in life.

To be a balanced, happy and effective person it is vital that webalance and cleanse our chakras regularly. With cleansed and balanced chakras, you will notice a difference in your total well-being. Life becomes effortless and you are able to flow more with life.

Join us in this fun and engaging workshop where you will:

  • Learn the history and basics of 7 Chakras
  • Learn how our thoughts & emotions affect our chakras
  • Gain in-sights on chakras are related to our health and lifestyle
  • Gain knowledge on how chakras are related to our food system
  • Experience self- healing

Practitioner: Beatrice Lee

This is part of our +Energy Solution @ Health ~ Vibrant Experience. Call us to find out more @ +603 6142 7218.


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