Inner Peace Meditation

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Product Description

In today’s ever-accelerating pace of life, it feels like you are required to juggle a million things, from home to work and everything in between. Is it possible to manage everything well and still maintain balance and feel peace within? When things get disruptive – will you still be able to hold it together and find sanity in the midst of this chaos?

The answer is YES to both! Incorporating a simple daily mindfulness practice into your life will help you destress completely, be fully in the present moment, feel peacefuland most importantly you will have the clarity to make sound decisions and handle every challenging person or situation that comes your way.

Join Susee on an inner journey to the center of your own peace, finding the strength to forge ahead and live life fully from there.

Practitioner: Susee Rajaram

**This class is part of +Energy Meditation ~ Meditation Formula @ Peace & Chill Experience. Please call +603 6142 7218 for more info.



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