Master Umesh H. Nandwani

Master Umesh H. Nandwani

International Life-Transformation Metaphysics/Holistic Trainer (Accredited by the International Metaphysical Ministry and University), Practitioner, Consultant & Coach, Reiki Master, Meditation Instructor, Founder of " The Golden Space"® and Principal of "Awaken ~ The Divine You"® Program / Workshops.  

Ever since a young age, Umesh has had numerous unique "miracles" happening to him. All the while, he had been aware that there was something "more" to life; something beyond the daily third-dimensional activities and, particularly, that there were special reasons for his being on earth in this lifetime.This inner sense of "missing" something - of incompleteness - led him to his quest of knowing his purpose here. After years of searching and spiritual practices, Umesh came to the realization that he was here on a mission, to serve, inspire and empower humanity as a transformational healer, trainer, personal life coach / consultant / counselor and spreading New Age awareness. He has served thousands of clients from Singapore, India and Australia. He has also received some outstanding testimonials from his clients and students.

Umesh has received training in Singapore, U.S.A. & India. He has been initiated into various spiritual energy healing modalities. Umesh is a Certified Master Trainer in Mind Power and Motivational Dynamics; Certified Master in Reiki Energy Healing; Certified Meditator and Counselor; Certified Stress Management Consultant, a Holistic Practitioner and Energy Therapist, operating a practice under a company he owns called "ShivShakti Healing & Consultancy".

He also owns a meditation, holistic and awareness centre named "The Golden Space® "in Singapore. Umesh Nandwani and Susheila Devi (his soul-partner in mission with him), together with their specially selected practitioners conduct yoga, meditation, healing, cleansing and empowerment classes, tarot card readings, stress management and holistic life-enhancing workshops and sessions at "The Golden Space®"and other companies by invitation. He also provides his services and runs workshops in Australia.

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