Sheela Prabhakaran

SHEELA PRABHAKARAN, Practitioner / Trainer

Growing up in a traditional Indian family, Sheela Prabhakaran learnt many life lessons, from expectations, the need for approval to standing up for what is right to her. From there, Sheela’s interest in people and societal behaviour grew.

After obtaining a degree in education, she chose to delve further into the art of communication. Her vast experience includes the fields of training, writing, corporate communications and publishing. In her search for her life purpose, she strongly believed communication is one of the keys to a more harmonious world.

Sheela’s life-view went through a dramatic change in 2015 when she attended the "Awaken ~ The Divine You" that was conducted by Master Umesh H. Nandwani at The Golden Space® Malaysia. This major shift allowed her to see the world through different eyes, and how peace and happiness resides within her.

As she continues her spiritual journey, Sheela understands that it is possible to live with inner peace within a hectic world. She has started her spiritual work by communicating and helping others to see the world from a different perspective - to embrace more peace and joy into their lives.

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