Savy Ho

Savy HoYoga Practitioner

Savy Ho’s passion is to hold space for people to tune into their body, mind and soul through mindfulness meditation, yoga and sound healing facilitation. A certified yoga instructor and musician,  Savy’s classes and style emphasizes basic principles of yoga and are transformative, powerful, fun and healing. Her expertise in healing include Light Energy Weave, a Mexican Curranderos healing modality. Savy specializes in Vinyasa Flow, a gentle yet powerful movement meditation that is uniquely crafted. Yoga postures such as the sun salutation along with healing breaths and fluid asanas allow one to connect with the inner self, improve flexibility and  build cardio strength. She credits The Golden Space and founder Master Umesh Nandwani, for helping her recover from depresssion  and thus enhancing her spiritual growth . This has also enabled her to journey to various places such as Nepal, Bangalore, Bandung, Phuket and Hawaii  sharing her love and healing skills .

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