Mrs Priyanka Jay Patel

Mrs Priyanka is from Mumbai, India

Priyanka, is a Nada Yogi and a Sound Therapist who helps people raise their consciousness through the tools of Awareness Development, the science of Sound and Vibrations.


My name is Dylan Sequelra and i am a professional fitness coach and amateur musician. I joined the sound healing classes to see what i could learn to better understand myself and gain perspective of my mental state.

I have a past of suffering from insomnia and ADD. By learning the practice of sound meditation with Priyanka , I have not had one sleepless night and my mind state is consistently clam. In just two sessions Priyanka showed me all the techniques of playing the Tibetan bowls and gave me the theoretical understandstanding of what i was practicing.

The connection between spirituality and science made it eaiser for me to correalte what i was learning to what i already knew about the human body. The instructor (Priyanka) was patient and kind with me for life as all forms of spirituality were new to me she took her time with explaining and making sure i understood everything. - Dylan Sequelra


Before taking the training I never experienced such sounds and how deep sounds can effect you. However I suffered a terrible knee injury and I was looking for help. I never mentioned anything about my knee pain and right after the first day of the training the pain almost vanished. Day 2 the pain was gone. It was a magical time spent in group of spiritual open and oriented people but the energy of our mentor Priyanka was what amazed me the most ! She was like a lightning straight from the sky , opening doors to feelings deep down hidden . I recommend this training to everyone who is looking for transformation both mental and physical. A bit of sound kick never hurt nobody

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