Lucy Chan

Lucy Chan

LUCY CHANEnergy Healer / Practitioner / Trainer

Lucy Chan is a dedicated professional trainer with 8 years’ experience in the learning field. She is serving as the Learning & Development Director of The Golden Space® Malaysia and Associate Publisher of bodymindsoul Magazine. Prior to this, Lucy spent years building her career in the Finance industry with a Global Bank, where she accumulated vast knowledge and experience in Retail Banking & Sales strategy, Training and Human Resources.

Despite her various successes, Lucy realized that she has a bigger purpose in her life. She felt the need to break through her depression and emotional turbulence. Embarking on a journey of self-mastery, she studied under the tutelage of Master Umesh H.Nandwani under the “Awaken ~ The Divine You” master series program.

Her own nature changed over the years; from negative and lack of motivation – to positive, empowered and peaceful. After witnessing her own transformation, she chose to step fully into sharing her knowledge and experience to the business world.

Now a Certified Mindfulness Trainer, Lucy merges business-sense with heart-sense. She believes that the connection with one's Heart can change one’s own attitudes, beliefs and even success. Working with more than a thousand participants to date, she is passionate in sharing her expertise and passionate energy to everyone.

Lucy runs multiple corporate meditation and training workshops merging business sense with heart sense namely; H.E.A.R.T. Selling Skills, Advance H.E.A.R.T. Selling Skills, Customer Service Excellence, Stress Management Workshops, Mindful Leadership and mindfulness sessions. These trainings and her private coaching focuses on changing her clients’ heart-set towards their goals. If you want to create positive change in the mindset & heart-set of your employees, Lucy’s enlightening and engaging facilitation will get them there.

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