Janine Lee (吕子庭)

Janine Lee (吕子庭)Energy Healer / Practitioner / Trainer

Janine Lee believes that everything in life is driven by love. She believes that everything happens for us to learn and grow. Our ultimate lesson is to love ourselves and others.

Since young, Janine questioned her existence and purpose on earth. And no one could answer her questions. She has seen the rich live, yet their lives does not seem happier than others. Through this she knows that there is more to life than material things. Other things matter - like love, peace and spirituality.

Her deep desire to understand the meaning of life and its purpose became more intense when she experienced the loss of her marriage.

Janine finally found her life purpose and self love through the world renowned self-realization and transformational program, “Awaken-The Divine You”® in September 2012 by Master Umesh H. Nandwani.

Her wish is for every being on Earth lead a life of love, peace, happiness and harmony. She heals her clients with unconditional love, and knows that everyone can achieve a life full of love. As a certified meditation facilitator, Janine is sharing her practical experience and to serve her life purpose as a practitioner in The Golden Space® Malaysia.

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