El Herington

At age 12 I was awakened to see and feel energy and became aware of the Akashic Records. On my journey I have learned over 20 energy healing modalities and received initiations from many world spiritual masters. Soul awareness and the process I created for Whole Presence Quantum Soul Retrieval have been my primary focus since 1991. I am blessed to live on the sacred island of Kaua’i, in Hawai’i, immersed in the light of ancient Lemuria. It is with great pleasure that I share sessions & workshops to expand consciousness and foster the New Earth Paradigm through realizing more of the Divine Soul Presence that we are.

Beautiful teachers I have had the pleasure and honor to be with include ~ Abraham, Ammachi, Bhagwan Nityananda, Dalai Lama, Gurumayi, Sai Baba, Mother Meera, Swami Vishwananda, Barbara Marciniak, Ken Carey, Dr. Eric Pearl, Barbara Brennan, Gary Douglas, Bruce Moen, Beth Hin, Gene Egidio, Deepak Chopra, Dr. John Upledger, Orin and DaBen, Louise Hay, Robert Holden, Serge Kahili King, don Miguel Ruiz, Braco and beloved Poni Kamau’u. All of these and more have contributed to my spiritual path. Deep gratitude and aloha for them and the gifts they shared.

A sampling of the healing modalities I have learned and practiced~ Whole Presence Quantum Soul Retrieval, Reiki Master Teacher, Seichim Master, CranioSacral Therapy, Zero Balancing, Myofascial Release, Past Life Regression, Chakra and Aura Healing, Theta Healing, Shamanism and Soul Retrieval, Huna, Access Bars, Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection and supporting Indigo Children.

In my life I’ve been called to spend quality time in many of the planet’s power places including Sedona, India, Japan, the Mayan Yucatan, Mount Shasta, Santa Fe, Uluru and now Hawaii. Knowledge of sacred ceremony and my ability to work with all levels of light beings at the sacred sites allows me to more fully serve the Divine Plan. It is a blessing to offer spiritual immersion journeys of sacred sights for fellow lightworkers, healers and Lemurian Soul family.

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