Beatrice Lee

Beatrice Lee

Beatrice Lee’s gift of intuition was opened to her from her childhood. Intuitive at an early age, she was able to foretell the future of friends and family using this “sixth sense” of hers. This gift never left her; and growing up she had a strong desire and curiosity towards metaphysics. Beatrice found herself attracted to aromatherapy, colors and crystals, in which she could detect vibrations from and used them for well- being purposes.

It was not until 2002, that she decided to take this gift and interest further by studying Usui Reiki Level II, Aura Soma Color Level II , Power of Numbers, Hypnosis Master Level and finally completed Awaken ~ The Divine You® Master Series with Master Umesh H.Nandwani. The Awaken ~ The Divine You® Program has given her a profound depth in her previous studies.

Beatrice realized with the intensity of competition in the society for material urges and power, people will face imbalance in their lifestyle. Eventually, people will start looking for alternative solutions.

Now a certified meta-physician and hypnotherapist, Beatrice left her high-ranking corporate role and realized her dream of serving humanity in The Golden Space Malaysia, as a Director and Practitioner. Her clientele grew tremendously; from people of all walks of life to major corporate companies such as BMW, Dior, Gamuda Properties and Entrepreneur Organisation (EO).

Beatrice has worked with a few hundred clients to date, offering services such as Intuitive Card Readings, Soul Empowerment Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, Numerology reading, Color therapy, Meditation, Women Empowerment Journey workshop and Sacred Chakra Workshops.

Opening her heart to the world, she is walking the journey of self-mastery and guiding her clients to come into their own self-realization and transform their lives profoundly.

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