In-House Practitioners

Master Umesh H. Nandwani

Ever since a young age, Umesh has had numerous unique “miracles” happening to him. All the while, he had been aware that there was something “more” to life...
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Sky Kho

Sky Kho, apart from being a trainer, he is the Managing Director of The Golden Space® Malaysia...
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Low Sheau Shy

Low Sheau Shy is a certified practitioner, facilitator and trainer at The Golden Space Malaysia. Prior to becoming a full time practitioner, Sheau Shy has been working in finance and...Read more

Stacey Lee

Stacey Lee one of the lead trainers at The Golden Space Malaysia. She often receives excellent feedback from her facilitation for adults and children ...
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Lucy Chan

Lucy grew up in a conservative Catholic family. Growing up, she was constantly questioning her purpose on earth, and felt like there was a missing link in her life...
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Beatrice Lee

Beatrice Lee’s gift in meta-physics was given to her when she was just a child. Intuitive at an early age, she was able to fore tell the future…
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Chong Bing Kuan

Chong Bing Kuan is a practitioner with The Golden Space Malaysia. With a strong passion for self-realization, Chong now spends his time helping individuals to live happier, healthier...
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Janine Lee

Janine Lee believes that everything in life is driven by love. She believes that everything happens for us to learn and grow...
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Saidatul Nadziah

Prior to joining the practitioners team of The Golden Space Malaysia, Saida was working with a foreign bank for more than 18 years. Upon leaving her nine to five jobs, , Saida was searching to understand the meaning of self love…Read more

Sheela Prabhakaran

Growing up in a traditional Indian family, Sheela Prabhakaran learnt many life lessons, from expectations, the need for approval to standing up for what is right to her. From there, Sheela’s interest in people and societal behaviour grew….Read more

Susee Rajaram

Susee Rajaram manages ‘Guardians of Mother Earth’, (GME) a division of The Golden Space Malaysia. GME envisions a world where everyone honours, respects and loves Mother Earth….Read more

Rose Wong

Holistic counsellor, life coach, trainer, writer and healer, Rose Wong, is passionate about her life purpose, to share her love of Mother Earth, empowering individuals and strengthening filial bonds...Read more 

Stephanie Ngu

What started out as a pursuit of happiness turned into a beautiful journey worth celebrating. This is the story that Stephanie Ngu, the Programme Director for The Golden Space Malaysia shares with the world today...Read more

Sucy Chan

Sucy Chan built her career in the advertising and fashion retail industry since the mid-nineties. And as both industries were challenging and stressful, she became depressed during the last 5 years...Read more

巫妍稜 Jessie Moo

巫妍稜(Jessie Moo)自2012年7月开始接触了一个转变人生的课程– “Awaken~ The Divine You”,并由此展开了她的心灵学习路程...Read more

Visiting Practitioners

Nia Beyerlein

Nia is naturally gifted in Clairvoyance from young. She is able to see energies & spirits all around her. Since young, she loves to be outdoors, this has given her intuitively feeling the connection…. Read more

Gitte Kolandjian

Gitte worked many years as a midwife and recently retired to dedicate her life to spreading awareness of health and healing, leading to wholeness and balance on a broader aspect…. Read more

Tri Haptiko Sukarso (aka Tiko)

Tri Haptiko Sukarso (aka Tiko) grew up in the in the city of South Jakarta, Indonesia. His life journey truly started when he embarked on the world renowned “Awaken - The Divine You” program with International, Metaphysical, Spiritual Master Umesh H. Nandwani…. Read more

Michele Chong

Michele discovered her passion for music and singing at a very young age and she believes that every human is here on earth for a purpose.A talented and versatile instructor, she specialises in teaching vocal singing, piano, electronic keyboard, music composing, music theory, ukulele and guitar etc…. Read more

Jeannie Lim

Jeannie believes strongly that it is love that moves the Earth. As a child, while there was not always food on the table, love was always abundant, and she believes herself to have been fortunate. Inspired by her late father, a man who would never say “no” to a neighbour in need, the naturally shy and introverted…. Read more

Gerard Bini

Gerard Bini is an internationally renowned Intuitive Building Biologist with over 15 years of experience and research into EMF beyond the normal. He invented the Geoclense ® Home & Workplace Harmonizer and a wide range of EMF harmonizing products…. Read more

Savy Ho

Savy Ho’s passion is to hold space for people to tune into their body, mind and soul through mindfulness meditation, yoga and sound healing facilitation. A certified yoga instructor and musician…. Read more

Stephanie Hermawan

Stephanie Hermawan is a meditation teacher, healer, speaker, author, award-winning entrepreneur, changemaker, angel impact investor, and philanthropist living in Jakarta, Indonesia…. Read more

Mrs Priyanka Jay Patel     

Mrs Priyanka is from Mumbai, India. Priyanka, is a Nada Yogi and a Sound Therapist who helps people raise their consciousness through the tools of Awareness Development, the science of Sound and Vibrations.… Read more

El Herington

At age 12 I was awakened to see and feel energy and became aware of the Akashic Records. On my journey I have learned over 20 energy healing modalities and received initiations from many world spiritual masters.… Read more

Siobhan Coulter

Siobhan is a heart-centred psychotherapist, meditation teacher, workshop facilitator and spiritual mentor. Her workshops are information, interactive and enjoyable as she incorporates experiential activities to facilitate better understanding... Read more

Francis Bevan

Francis Bevan is one of Australia’s most Accurate Celebrity Psychics and was has won the prestigious award “Psychic of the Year – NSW” 2007 from the International Psychic Association in Australia... Read more

Khema Yen

Khema-Yen is an energy medicine practitioner and founder of Cellular Akashic ReOrientation (CARO). She specializes in helping clients to reorient back to Well-Being… Read more

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