Past Life Regression – Akashic Records Healing

Past Life Regression – Akashic Records Healing

The Akashic records are the seeds of our soul. Every lifetime that we have lived on earth, every expression and every lesson that we have learnt (or not) are captured in our Akashic records. Within these records is also information of seeds that will be planted in our future.

Our Akashic Records hold the key to our Past, Present & Future.

The lessons that have been set up for us in this life to learn originate from our past lives. Every time we are unable to pass the lesson, we carry it forward into our current life. This beautiful cycle of love helps each and every one of us to let go of our past karmic ties.

Imagine if we have a magic mirror that we can use to look back into our past lives’ and retrieve all our experiences & knowledge to heal our current life. Our past lives hold the key to our freedom.

By going through this session, Lucy will read your akashic records and identify which specific past life lessons that are keeping you from living a fulfilling life. By seeing your past lives and allowing yourself to let go of these lessons – you can heal your life right now.

Practitioner: Lucy Chan

Fee: RM450/60 min

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