Passion Empowerment

Our mind is being shaped by our experiences, challenges and obstacles we face in the ever faster moving, more demanding and complex growing world around us.

Time and finances seems never to be enough, responsibilities we have and tasks we need to handle in our life seem to overwhelm us, stress us, generating often frustrations, fears and anxieties, occupying our present mind with constant thoughts about regrets of the past and worries about the, yet to be written, future.

This situation often leaves us frozen in a spiral of negative thoughts and emotions, preventing us from leaving this circle of stressful routine life. And yet we are constantly flooded with distractions under the disguise of “prospects”, with continues decisions to make. With this, our energy gets dissipated in multiple directions, our mind gets exhausted from the over analysing and constant thinking.

In this private energy alignment & balance session you will:

• Gain awareness of the power of your emotions, thoughts and actions in the present moment

• Find more focus, more direction and clarity of your mind

• Overcome your current limiting beliefs and experience freedom from negative emotions

• Enhance and balance the energy of your emotions and thoughts, enabling you to overcome blockages and obstacles in your life with positive powerful actions

• Experience the power of now, changing the direction of your life with courage and self-confidence, co-creating a reality you envision

• Discover your highest level of contribution

• Find your deepest point of passionate drive

Practitioner: Matthias Beyerlein

Energy Exchange: RM300/60 min

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