Introducing our treasure trove of crystals, wild harvested herbal incense, relaxation & meditation CDs, healing books, oracle cards and new technology that will guide and assist you on this spiritual path. The Golden Space® Malaysia curates the biggest holistic spiritual product range in Malaysia.

Each product listed have been carefully selected to bring you the best energy. Each unique piece is sourced in limited quantity.


Semi-precious crystals contain a high vibrational energy and information from earth that can assist to reduce stress, improve quality of sleep and assist in your spiritual work. Different crystals are attracted to different people, so browse through our store and pick one that feels right to you.


The right music with a soothing vibrational frequency can be used to calm you down during emotional moments. Our store contains a wide variety of music to help you in your spiritual path, including sacred drums, guided meditations, healing music and vocal toning that will improve your overall wellbeing.


Smudging has been used over thousands of years to dispel negativity and create a sacred space in a dwelling or work place. In our store we have special wild-harvested herbs like wild sage, blue sage, sandalwood and frankincense incenses to purify yourself. Limited quantities available.


Nourish your soul with spiritual enlightening books to uplift your emotions. When you need some inspiration – look no further than our wide range of self-help, healing, enlightening, new age, wellness and motivational books.


If you’ve been looking to enhance your intuition abilities, why not start off with an Oracle or Tarot card deck? These beautifully designed cards are filled with healing energy that can advise you in a challenging situation, or provide you with clarity when you need it.

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