Oracle Card Reading

Oracle Card Reading

Are you keen to know the energies surrounding your relationship or career right now? Or perhaps unsure of what your next steps you can take in your life?

To help you move forward with clarity and peace, come for a psychic Oracle Card Reading session with one of our experienced readers. Oracle Cards are used as a medium for our readers to communicate with your soul and Higher Self so you may find clarity in certain situations that you have been feeling stuck in. This reading can be a powerful session for those seeking guidance in their life.

Benefits of coming for this Oracle Card Reading:

  • Get accurate insights into your relationships, careers and family situations
  • Assisting you to move forward in your life with clear steps
  • Having a peace of mind and heart in troubled situations
  • Connecting to your angels, guides and your soul that will guide you towards the best scenario
  • Get confirmation and support if you are at a crossroads in your life

Who should come for this reading?

  • People who needs guidance and answers in their life

Fee: RM400/hour/session

Practitioner: Lucy Chan

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