Journey into Love

Journey into Love

Where is home to you?

Home is a space where unconditional love, deep stillness & subtle sense of fulfilment & happiness exist. And this place of bliss resides in everyone’s heart.

In life, we grow, we fall, we get up & we start all over again. The growing process is filled with sweet & painful memories at the same time. When we experience pain, we often hang onto the past very tightly so that we do not have to go through it again. Little do we know that such a decision will result in us locking us out of our very own home. Imprison ourselves from feeling love, peace & happiness again.

So how do we access to this sacred place within us?

In order to tap into this reservoir of love, we need to release the long accumulated & unwanted emotional baggages that reside within our hearts.

Free your Mind, Free your Heart & return back to the heart centre, where all treasures await. Sign up NOW for your very own magical journey HOME!

“Home is where the heart lies.”

Practitioner: Low Sheau Shy

Fee: RM650 

*This workshop is part of The Love Experience. 


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