Holistic Counselling

Holistic Counselling

Holistic counselling helps you develop an enriched understanding of the relationship between your self and your environment including the people in that environment. Any issues that arise are seen from an integrated holistic approach and thus are explored from a combined mind, body and soul perspective. This approach combines the best of current psychological research (from cognitive behavioural therapy, choice therapy to narrative therapy) and ancient metaphysical experiences (such as meditation and energy healing).

This approach to counselling, helps you to:

  • develop in-depth knowledge about yourself and gain awareness on how this impacts your decisions and thus your life path
  • manage stress and anxiety in a long-lasting manner for long term.
  • address your addictions, depression and fears and helps you deal with them through transforming your thought patterns
  • gain peace of mind and clarity, enabling you to break through barriers blocking your path to happiness
  • improve your job performance and develop self-confidence in your own abilities
  • enhance communication skills in relationships and enhance filial (family) bonding

Fee: RM450/hour

Practitioner: Rose Wong

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