Family Constellation

Family Constellation

Family Constellation began in 1960s from Germany. It is a group therapy that can shift generational patterns. This healing modality empowers you to discover the root cause of life issues, therefore releasing yourself from the binding patterns.

Family Constellation is especially beneficial for the below:

•          Repeating Relationship Patterns (Betrayal, Third Party, Abandonment)

•          Divorced/ Single Parents

•          Abortion/ Miscarriages/ Adoption

•          Inherited Mental Related Issues (Depression, Anxiety, Anger)

•          Addictions (Alcoholic, Drug, Food)

•          Abuse (Physical, Sexual, Mentally)

•          Financial Blockages

Come experience this workshop and free yourself from repeating generational patterns with our Certified Family Constellation Practitioner, Stacey Lee.

Fee: RM450/day

Practitioner: Stacey Lee

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