So What Do We Do?

We transform negativity to positivity through our Services

How Do We Do It?

Through aligning your energy, we help you gain better clarity of your life situations from different perspectives. Followed by empowerment workshops to equip you with life skills that enable you to handle life situations better.

The +ENERGY Program

Our program is divided into 4 categories to suit your needs:

In Our Journeys, You Will:

  • Experience true & permanent positivity
  • Learn about your true life purpose
  • Have a healthier mind & body
  • Know who you truly are
  • Be mindful of your energy vibes
  • Be a well balanced human being


Teo Zee Ping

Awaken ~ The Divine You (Foundation Level)
I learnt that acknowledging one's own gift will empower other's to do the same for themselves.

Albert Soo

Outdoor Meditation Retreat
I had an awesome experience this morning. Great way of stress relief, it calms my mind and increases inner peace. During the practice, my body has the relaxation response which gives my body deep rest that is deeper than the rest from sleep. Big thanks to Stacey Lee for an awesome outdoor meditation class  👏 👏 

Danny Teh

Journey in Heart
Finally found a way to connect myself, a trueself that hidden long time ago. Learned a way to love, to build myself, to got back who I am

Vivien Loh

The Art of Pure Intent (Foundation Level)
A very interesting workshop. Learned how to let go. Amazing experience when Sky guided us in the Art of Letting Go. This is a "must attend" workshop. Two Thumbs Up!

Xiao Pei

The Chakra Code (Level 2)
An awakening experience. This session has awakened what my head has known and put it in action together with my heart. It has allowed me to follow my heart and really feel it. I have become calmer and relaxing. I love the energy.

Putri Abd Aziz

Women Empowerment Journey
The Women Empowerment Journey has given me a lot of Realizations about Life. I have discovered a part of me is fearless. Life is magic.


Journey to Ancient Egypt
The sessions lifted my spirits and made me realise how easy it is to be happy.

Paul Lim

Soul Empowerment Meditation
I found peace, calmness, joy and empowerment in each session & most of all, I've found collective strength and wisdom
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