Dream of Soul (Level 1)

Dream of Soul (Level 1)

We all have dreams. Dreams that we have been holding on for as long as we can remember ~ be it retiring early or having financial freedom.

Little did we know that these dreams are merely human Desires.

These desires do not reflect the grandness of a True Dream. A dream is one that is bigger than who you are – one that benefits not only you; but also adds value to others around you. By living the dream of your soul, you obtain true success and fulfillment!

Upon completing this class, you will:

• understand the true meaning of soul purpose

• have the right mindset and attitude to achieve your dreams

• release major setbacks that stop you from pursuing your dreams

• reignite the passion within you

• realize the dream of your soul

If you are seeking for a grander purpose in life, this class will truly transform you and propel you towards great success!

Fee: RM999

Practitioner: Sky Kho

*This workshop is part of the Passion Experience


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