Management Team

Master Umesh H. Nandwani

Ever since a young age, Umesh has had numerous unique “miracles” happening to him. All the while, he had been aware that there was something “more” to life...
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Charles Chen

Funnily enough, Charles’ journey began with his search for ways to improve his shooting skill. During a World Shooting competition in Croatia in 2006, he was surprised to learn from…
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Sky Kho

Sky Kho, apart from being a trainer, he is the Managing Director of The Golden Space® Malaysia. Prior to joining The Golden Space management team, he has...
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Stephanie Ngu

What started out as a pursuit of happiness turned into a beautiful journey worth celebrating. This is the story that Stephanie Ngu, the Programme Director for The Golden Space Malaysia shares with the world today...
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Low Sheau Shy

Currently, Low Sheau Shy is a certified practitioner, creative visualisation facilitator and trainer at The Golden Space Malaysia. Prior to becoming a full time practitioner, she was working in the…
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Stacey Lee

Stacey Lee is one of the lead trainers at The Golden Space® Malaysia and Marketing Director of the bodymindsoul Magazine. She specializes in facilitation of Meditation...
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Lucy Chan

Lucy grew up in a conservative Catholic family. Growing up, she was constantly questioning her purpose on earth, and felt like there was a missing link in her life...
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Beatrice Lee

Beatrice Lee’s gift in meta-physics was given to her when she was just a child. Intuitive at an early age, she was able to fore tell the future…
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Rose Wong

Holistic counsellor, life coach, trainer, writer and healer, Rose Wong, is passionate about her life purpose, to share her love of Mother Earth, empowering individuals and strengthening filial bonds...Read more

Saidatul Nadziah

Prior to joining the practitioners team of The Golden Space Malaysia, Saida was working with a foreign bank for more than 18 years. Upon leaving her nine to five jobs, Saida was searching...Read more

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