Decode Your Life Chart And Imprint Your Path

你的生命蓝图的解码, 铭刻你的人生真实的轨道

“Life is a knowing, going through the process of the unknown”.

Numbers or numerologies are sets of symbol or words indicating a quantity of units, starting from 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10….respectively. It is a universal symbol or language of oneness, no matter whom or what nationalities you are in your life; you can never challenge the existence and power of numbers. Numbers are the origin of all existence; numbers dictates and dissects the synchronicity of the universe, no matter it is intangible or tangible existence, one can never obsoletes from the influences and power of numbers.

Decoding your life chart applies the modern and ancient wisdoms. Likewise, there are Ying and Yang in all creations and existence. Numbers also consist of attractions and distractions energy force. It can fascinate and attract, crack and decode, and remedies a person’s destiny. Most profoundly, it applies in every stages of our life. Once decode, you can instantaneously be aware of your current situations, breaking habits and knowing yourself at a quantum level, life aspects in career; wealth; relationships; health, outcomes and possibilities in life. Imprint your new path and activates your positive and energetic vibrations. Knowing your purpose and pursue. Towards creating a new beginning of body, mind, and soul freedom; most importantly, re-writing your destiny.

“生命是觉智, 历经人性未知”

中国流传了数千年的[易经]则是人类自然科学与自然哲学的惊世之作, “易道广大, 无所不包”, 其中数字的奥秘也是博大精深的一环。数字是一种符号,隐含着幸运与科学的程式,万物的本质;数字支配宇宙,无论物质世界还是精神世界, 都离不开数字,奥秘神奇之力亦由此变化而衍生, 灵动力生生不息,万物的背后都有数字法则在起作用。最早研究及提出这个哲学概念的是公元前六世纪诞生于古希腊,影响深远的哲学思想家—毕达哥拉斯(PYTHAGORAS)。

媛绮(源起)生命蓝图分析及解码蕴含了古老及现代智慧。每一组的数字都有着不同的能量磁场,我们可以透过数字了解一个人的心灵磁场以及他所吸引的能量。一旦我们的心灵磁场所发出的讯息与那一组数字磁场吻合,那么两者之间将会互相吸引,就象是同类互相吸引的道理一样。就如世间万物都有其阴阳面。数字也一样有其相生相克的原理。它即能被吸引, 也能被破解与补救。只要正确的配上能破解的数字,你就能顺利的启动好能量,创造良好的磁场。奥秘神奇之力无论在人生任何阶段都可以被解破和即刻启动。从新创造人生真实的轨道;在运势,健康,感情,财运,贵人,与人际关系等的运作都能如鱼得水。觉智此刻,改变未来。达到身心灵自在,历经丰收美满的智慧人生。

Practitioner: Vincent Tan

Energy Exchange: RM350/60 min

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