Corporate Meditation

Corporate Meditation

We at The Golden Space® Malaysia are the pioneers in Corporate De-Stressing Meditation Program in this country. We believe in creating a culture of peace and harmony through meditation.

However, living in the modern 21st century has created a wide host of challenges and issues that were never faced by our forefathers. The continuous streaming of negative media and life in a stressful environment in the city impacts everyone.

More affected are the companies, who have to strike a fine balance between delivering profits – and yet strive to provide a stable platform for employees’ happiness and growth. Caring for your employee welfare goes beyond just employee assistance programs. With the high stress-levels, it is even more crucial to provide for your employee wellbeing.

Traditional means to overcome work stress and life’s challenges is no longer effective. External solutions, motivational talks and trainings are short-term fixes that do not solve the root cause of stress. One of the most effective way of quieting the mind, managing emotions and de-stress is meditation.

Our Vision: To make Meditation a Lifestyle in Modern Life.

Our Objective: To Inspire a world of peace and harmony through Meditation

The Golden Space® Malaysia is proud to present the most effective stress management program in Malaysia, using meditation as a medium to attain inner peace and harmony. Created by trainers with years of experience, it will create a harmonious workplace and therefore enhance work performance.

We want to help you and your company, manage and thrive beyond the stress in your life. We look forward to being a part of your team’s positive transformative path to balance and growth.

Benefits of +ENERGY Corporate Meditation Program:

  • Harmonious working environment, resulting in better Employer recognition
  • Employees that are happy, creates higher employee engagement
  • Higher levels of Focus at work, and as a result; higher effectiveness and productivity
  • Decline in stress-related illnesses and medical leaves
  • Improved employee positivity, and ability to respond well to demanding occasions
  • Overall sense of wellbeing amongst employees
  • Lower employee turnover

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