Awaken ~ The Divine You

Awaken~The Divine You

an International Self-Discovery, Life-Transformation & Success In Life Program

(Non-Religious & Universal)

… your life transformational journey towards self discovery, self mastery, personal empowerment and success in life.

Series of Workshops for anyone & everyone from all backgrounds, religions, races, faiths & walks of life.

Designed & Conducted by Master Umesh H. Nandwani

DO YOU KNOW WHO and WHAT YOU ARE actually, besides just a human being in human body and mind? Have you ever experienced and felt your true self – the soul within you? Do you know how that feels and all its benefits / miracles? Why are you on Planet Earth (Gaia) this lifetime and what is your purpose here? Are you aware of the evolution happening at this present time to Earth and humanity? Why does time seem to fly so fast, yet our clocks and watches seem to be ticking away as per normal? Have you realized your own personal self-powers and potentials lying untapped deep within you ~ waiting to be discovered? How can you further improve/increase in all levels of your life ~ health, wealth, career, relationships, happiness, love, prosperity, clarity, inner-peace, security, bliss, healing, freedom, positivity and lots more? How to drastically or completely stop many of your sufferings, pains, fears, doubts, anxieties, worries, stress, loneliness, confusion, procrastination, depression, loss of focus, negativity….?


COME LEARN, EXPERIENCE AND EMPOWER yourself with this sacred ancient knowledge, techniques and skills known only to a very limited number of humans today, to become even more skillful, positive, joyful, happy, healthy and wealthy in life.

These energetic, comprehensive, knowledgeable (easy-to-understand, follow and do) practical Workshops have been designed to empower you with more self-awareness, higher self-realization, enlightenment and acquirement of miracles and successes in any of yours chosen areas of your life.

Learn about life’s and Universal higher-truths, esoteric and metaphysical learnings. Discover and experience how you can tap into and “Awaken ~ The Divine You” – The God / Goddess-Self you are ~ in your personal and very own positive strength, the DIVINE-SELF power source within you, like never before! Become a powerful positive MAGNET to attract all positive abundance, all you ever want in life and deserve. Also how to protect / shield yourself, your loved ones, your environment (home, office & other spaces) against any negative or psychic attacks; how to cleanse toxins / blockages preventing you from attaining what you desire and move forward smoother, clearer and happier in life. How to heal yourself and others using the ever-flowing Universal Divine Healing Energy available to all.

Today, as millions of people in the world strive for higher experience, enhance your life and experience the natural quantum shift of consciousness that comes from the true connection with the Divine Source, enabling you to become more balanced mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially.

Become a Master of your own Precious Life by participating in these proven and guaranteed transformational Workshops (see testimonials) and embark on the journey of a lifetime.

As the saying goes… “the temple, church and mosque, etc., are ALL WITHIN YOU”; so let the “ULTIMATE UNIVERSAL TRUTHS” be revealed and re-discover WHO YOU TRULY ARE, Your Ultimate Life Purpose(s); gain the skills and knowledge required to fulfill it/them and celebrate your true spiritual, DIVINE-SELF being – by “AWAKENING ~ THE DIVINE YOU”!!! Why go searching for answers when these gifts are within you?!!!

We invite you to become a part of the Universal Consciousness of Love, Light and Healing, where everyone, yes – everyone, is truly loved, respected and recognized as ONE HUMAN race and consciousness; no matter who you are and what you are; enjoy lots of more positivity and abundance we all deserve and life and universe has to offer.Now conducted in Singapore and Australia.


FOUNDATION LEVEL (Non-Religious & Universal)

(Basic Level of Self-Discovery, Understanding, General Life & Tools Required for a Balanced Life)


  • Who am I? Why are We on Earth this Lifetime?
  • Energy Dynamics Awareness
  • Connecting to Your Inner Spirit-Self Being
  • Understanding Your Inner-Self & Outer-Self
  • The Understanding and Application of Success in Life (removal of physical, mental & emotional blockages)
  • Positive Psychology Application (complete positive empowerment covering the mind, body, soul & emotions)
  • How to Make Correct Choices Consciously (overcoming ignorance, attachment & egoism)
  • Apply Psychic Protections (against negativity & all forms of psychic attack)
  • Learning to Self-Heal with Love, Light and Forgiveness – Part 1
  • Creation of Abundance in Your Life (health, wealth, love, happiness, peace using the positive power of intents & affirmations)
  • ……and much more will be covered


ADVANCE LEVEL (Non-Religious & Universal)

(Higher Level of Self-Discovery (One’s True-Self Divinity) with New Techniques & Tools Creating More Success & Abundance to Cope Better in Life and for Yourself & Your Loved Ones)


  • Believe & Trust
  • Deeper Connection with Your Inner-Self / Empowerment (overcoming duality, new perspective, & breathwork)
  • Energy & 7-Chakra Levels Activation and Awareness
  • Higher Level of Psychic Protections
  • Deeper Soul Cleansing (energy alignment, inner-strength & guidance)
  • Creating More Balance in Life (action with self-awareness)
  • Empowerment by Grace (higher connection with the Divine Source)
  • Grounding of Energy (practical exercises to focus the higher energies)
  • More About Healing & Self-Healing – Part 2 (etheric healing tools)
  • Healing Your Partner / Client
  • Distant Healing
  • Celebration Part 1: “Awaken ~ The Divine You”
  • ……and much more will be covered at a deeper level


PERSONAL MASTERY LEVEL (Non-Religious & Universal)

(A Stage to Become a Self-Master with More Esoteric & Life Reality Learnings)

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  • 9-level Chakras Activation & Higher Level Spiritual Cleansing
  • Keeping Balance Between Physical Reality & Spiritual Reality
  • Discipline: Code of Conduct for Lightworkers / Greeting Your Fellow Beings
  • Meeting Your Angel Guides & Connecting to Higher Ascended Masters
  • Deeper Level Heart Chakra Activation, Cleansing, Healing & Empowerment
  • 3rd Eye Higher Level Activation –
    Part 1 (activation, projection to send love & healing energy)
  • Past Life Regression (awareness & practice)
  • Connecting to Mother Nature & Mother Earth
  • Energy Purification of Water & Food Before Consumption
  • Psychic Protection of Personal Effects
  • Group Healing
  • Celebration Part 2: “Awaken ~ The Divine You” with Astral Travel
  • ……and much more will be covered at a deeper and higher level

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Meditation & Beyond Course (1 day)---
Foundation Level (2 days)---
Advance Level (2 days)---
Personal Mastery Level (2 days)---
Full program (4 levels - 7 days)RM12,760RM11,760RM11,160
i.e. Meditation & Beyond Course, Foundation Level, Advance Level, Personal Mastery Level(ends on 31 Oct 2019)(ends on 30 Jun 2019)
Upcoming "Awaken~The Divine You" Program in Malaysia will be held from 10 to 16 Jan 2020, 10.30am to 7.30pm daily
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