Gain the Immense Power of White Light!

Healing Protection Manifesting Spiritual Growth

(3 meditation initiations. 2 Hours each. Must all be taken together in sequence)

1. The Lotus Throne

29th March (Thu) @ 7:30pm ~ 9.30pm

Go deeper, higher, faster in all your meditation and energy work, no matter what modality you’re using. Brings balanced stability, safety and protection. The Lotus Throne is a portal to other dimensions, granting you the ability to Astral Travel.

2. The Source

3 April (Tue) @ 7:30pm ~ 9.30pm

White Light brings immense power. The Lotus Throne enables you to handle that power safely. Awaken and experience your direct connection to the White Ball that floats in Emptiness. Use all powerful White Light for healing power, protection and manifesting.

3. Exploring Inside The Source

5 April (Thu) @ 7:30pm ~ 9.30pm

Inside the Source Discover the brilliance of your Soul. Recharge your Pearl of Life Force Energy for a longer, more vibrant life. Awaken your Center of Creativity to create greater abundance.

Venue: The Golden Space Malaysia
Facilitator: Richard & Remedia
Energy Exchange: RM750 Normal Price, RM690 Early Bird (Due by 15 Mar 2012)
R.S.V.P: Sky @ +603 6142 7218 / 012-2924121 or Email: