janaLiving in Celebration is one of the keys to living a joyful fulfilling life, and that is what our corner is all about! There will be games, prizes and jolliness all in the spirit of celebration in our fun-filled area at the 2nd year Anniversary of The Golden Space.

The whole intention of our corner is to remember that there is not a shred of evidence exists that Life is supposed to be taken seriously, at least this is what Ralph Waldo Emerson said. And there is nothing like raising our energy and vibration while having fun and meeting new friends in the process.

We will be playing a few different games over the weekend and a few will include:

1) Looking into the Future (a game of Conscious Creation)

2) Group Charades

3) Ice-breaking games (you know, to meet new people and learn about each other)

4) Drama Queen (after all, we need to embrace our inner drama hook in order to move beyond it)

5) The ‘INTUITION’ Game

Of course there will be prizes and gifts for the winners which will include complimentary sessions, c.d.’s and more. But the fun is all in our participation! After all, according to Buckminster Fuller, The Only Failure Is The Failure To Participate.

So come check out our corner to get a breath of fresh air and let your hair down while turning it up a notch as we raise the roof and go ham up in here while we party like it’s 1999! A bit much? Sorry, we got excited =) See you there!

Practitioner: Jana Moreno