GRACYFeatured on NTV7 and “Life by the numbers” in The Star newspaper this year.
Make a date with Intuitive Master Numerologist and bestselling author Gracy Yap at the TGS Malaysia’s 4th Anniversary. She will decode your unique birth profile to give you answers on your Fate and Fortune in 2013, for you to  attract more Love, Peace and Happiness! She will also deliver messages from your guides.
Gracy is a a skillful practitioner of the Pythagorean and mystic Chaldean systems of Numerology, intuitive oracle card reader, a certified DISC Human Behavior Consultant, certified 72 Angels Teacher and a certified teacher from the University of Cambridge.She works with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elementals, Source and  her reading sessions are channelled. She brings to clients clarity, a deep awareness and appreciation of one’s true purpose and gifts in this lifetime.
Practitioner: Gracy Yap