Mar 17 | 10.30am – 3.30pm @ RM400

Ever wonder how the Indians can use tea leaves to read into the future? Such small little technique yet so powerful. Tea leaves reading is just one of the many techniques that falls under Scrying.

Scrying is an ancient form of divination, dating back thousands of years. Different forms of scrying have been present in ancient to modern day civilisations all across the world. Scrying can also be found in many different religious and spiritual beliefs and is often used to tell a person their past, present or future. Many cultures have used scrying in their spiritual rites and journeys, including the Native Americans and Ancient Celtic Druids. It is quite interesting to find that many great Kings of the past called upon “seers” to use different methods of scrying to aid them in battle or love scenarios.

Brief Overview

What can I really learn from this course?

Learn and understand the symbols that the universe uses in it daily communications with you – One you can see the signs, omens and portents your view of the world becomes much larger.

Prognosticate through various means such as

*Mirror Scrying,

*Cloud Scrying,

*Fire Scrying


*Tree Language

*The Language of the Crows

Date: Mar 17, 2013

Time: 10.30am – 3.30pm

Energy Exchange: RM400

Facilitator: Shé D’Montford

R.S.V.P: Sky @ +603 6142 7218 / 012-2924121 or