Aura & Chakra Readings

Richard & Remedia’s most popular service. It includes a detailed analysis of your entire energy system, emotions, internal organs and palms. You will receive exactly the information you need to guide your Spiritual growth.

  • Knowing about your past lives can help you understand your present life. Make better choices by understanding your life purpose and hidden talents.
  • Knowing your future possibilities will guide you to your most productive areas.
  • Stored anger, sadness and fear can cause illness and problems in your life. Spirits of dead relatives or friends drain your energy and interfere in your life.
  • Negative karmas cause you to experience the suffering you’ve inflicted on others.
  • Emotional or psychic attacks and entities can block your success.

Ask Shaman Remedia any questions you have. She provides answers about Spiritual life, Relationships, Business, Career, Finance, Health and any other topic.

Healing Love/Cleansing Sessions

Remedia has been successful in helping people suffering from many chronic, untreatable medical conditions. She repairs, balances and recharges your energy system. Your body can then heal itself. “Miraculous” healings sometimes occur, but it’s more common for them to take place over time.

She uses Healing Love to repair the damage caused by these energies after Richard clears them:

  • Disease
  • Impacted emotions
  • Karma
  • Emotional attack
  • Psychic attack
  • Entities
  • Spirits of the dead
  • Past life traumatic events
Private sessions are now available for booking!
Date: 27th Mar ~ 6th Apr 2012 (Tue ~ Fri)
Time: Between 1PM to 7.00PM
Venue: The Golden Space Malaysia
Facilitator: Richard & Remedia
Energy Exchange: RM350 / session (90 minutes)
R.S.V.P: Sky @ +603 6142 7218 / 012-2924121 or Email: