saida rsWe experience emotional distress in many ways such as sadness, anxiety, and addictions. These emotions are the result of stressful events that happened and disturbed our sense of security; thus making us feel vulnerable. This may cause us to react indifferently or insensitively when we are not in the right frame of mind. Saida will your distress by sharing her knowledge, experiences, and help you gain strength emotionally. Come talk to Saida, and ease the pain in your life.

Practitioner: Saidatul


Saida is practicing life coaching and consultation. She offers counselling; helping people who are looking for guidance or coaching in getting back on track in their life. Having gone through many of life’s ups and downs in her past, her passion is assisting others to find love, happiness and peace in life. Saida is also a resident writer in the bodymindsoul magazine; with a dedicated “Dear Sera” Advice column where readers send in their problems and questions about life. She shares her views to guide readers towards finding solutions.