Jul 27 & 28 |  7pm – 9pm @ RM360/60 min session

“Gracy Yap is an amazingly gifted numerologist. The wealth of information that she offered helped me make some important decisions that impacted my life powerfully. I am reaping the rewards financially and my career has flourished.”
Veenaa Saynana, USA Spiritual Activist, Performer and Author of Mary Magdalene Speaks-The Truth Revealed’(www.veenaasaynana.com)

“Gracy is very spot on in her numerology reading. She said several things that were true about me within the first ten minutes of meeting. Her predictions became true. That is why I’m so impressed. She also recommended gems to wear and I can feel the effects of how the gems enhance my luck and my energy. She advised my fiancé to enhance his money luck with a wealth gem. He went out, bought it, and got back his investment that very night at the mahjong table!”

Kaz Lee, Entrepreneur

“Gracy is really passionate about numerology, and sincere in using it to help people. The reading she did for me was very accurate in describing my personality, and has given me more clarity in how to achieve my goals in the future.”
Alvin Wang
Vice President
Gold Insignia

Ms Gracy Yap is a sought after speaker on numerology, Intuitive Master Numerologist and the internationally acclaimed Author of “Finding & Keeping Your Crush!” and “Secrets of Golden Numbers”. She was frequently quoted in Shin Min Daily News on metaphysics and fortune telling. A clairvoyant by virtue of her birth date and name, her clients have benefited from her warmth and spot- on readings.

Gracy Yap answers your questions on fate, destiny and fortune. Start the New Year with a personalized numerology reading for insights on your fortune, career and love for 2013. Decode your destiny and gain clarity on your direction in life. To make an appointment, email <thegoldenspace.malaysia@gmail.com>. For more details on her work, visit www.secretsofgoldennumbers.com

Prior appointment is required.

Facilitator: Gracy Yap

Date & time:

  • Jul 27 & 28, 2013 (7pm – 9pm)

Energy Exchange: RM360/60 min session

R.S.V.P:  +603 6142 7218 or Email:thegoldenspace.malaysia@gmail.com