May 18, 21, 22 |10am-6pm @ rm385/2 hrs or rm223/1 hr session

What is involved in a Consultation?
A Soul Connection and Evolution consultation connects you with your Soul and establishes a platform for your Soul to communicate with you. As you connect and communicate with your Soul, you gain access to a deeper awareness, understanding and insight for yourself and your journey.

Each consultation is a co-creative process implementing whatever is right for you and your Soul. A number of powerful techniques can be utilized, which can include your past experiences; past life experiences; hypnosis or future life progression.

Consultation Benefits
These transformative Consultations offer your Soul a chance to evolve at its own rate and can help you resolve whatever is required for your evolution. As a result, you can:

Receive essential information you need based on where you are; what you have done in the past; and gain feedback about how you are doing.
Acquire guidance regarding your personal evolution process.
Comprehend your true destiny/purpose.

A Soul Connection and Evolution consultation can produce a healing, releasing, nurturing and a self-acceptance beyond anything else you have experienced.

Facilitator: Michelle A. Hardwick