What is involved in a Consultation?

A Soul Connection and Evolution consultation connects you with your Soul and establishes a platform for your Soul to communicate with you. As you connect and communicate with your Soul, you gain access to a deeper awareness, understanding and insight for yourself and your journey.

A consultation also gives your Soul an opportunity to share specifics about your evolution either through healing your body, or communicating with your ego to help you release whatever is holding you back from your well-being and growth.

Each consultation is a co-creative process implementing whatever is right for you and your Soul. A number of powerful techniques can be utilized, which can include your past experiences; past life experiences; hypnosis or future life progression.

Consultation Benefits

These transformative Consultations offer your Soul a chance to evolve at its own rate and can help you resolve whatever is required for your evolution. As a result, you can:

¨      Receive essential information you need based on where you are; what you have done in the past; and gain feedback about how you are doing.

¨      Acquire guidance regarding your personal evolution process.

¨      Comprehend your true destiny/purpose.

¨      Release residual resistance and/or self-punishment.

¨      Understand and accept yourself.

¨      Gain a sense of peace.

¨      Understand the bigger picture including the sum or the entirety of your being.

¨      Develop a ‘beyond this world comprehension’ which can open up a variety of possibilities: self-love; self-understanding – and/or a desire to help others.


A Soul Connection and Evolution consultation can produce a healing, releasing, nurturing and a self-acceptance beyond anything else you have experienced.


Michelle A. Hardwick
Creator of Soul Connection Hypnotherapy; Adv. Dip Hyp.;
International EFT Trainer & Practitioner;Time Line & NLP Practitioner,
Graduate of the Gaia Mystery School


Date: 18th May (Fri) & 21st May 2012 (Mon)
Time: 10.00AM to 6.00PM (1 or 2 hour / session)
Venue: The Golden Space Malaysia
Facilitator: Michelle A. Hardwick
Energy Exchange: RM223 for 1 hour session, RM385 for 2 hours session
R.S.V.P: Sky @ +603 6142 7218 / 012-2924121 or Email: thegoldenspace.malaysia@gmail.com