In-House Practitioners

Master Umesh H. Nandwani

Ever since a young age, Umesh has had numerous unique “miracles” happening to him. All the while, he had been aware that there was something “more” to life…
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Sky Kho

Sky Kho, apart from being a trainer, he is the Managing Director of The Golden Space® Malaysia…
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Jennifer Aw

Jennifer has been researching, studying and practising the art of Chinese Metaphysics for the last 8 years and has been doing professional consulting for the last 4 years…
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Monika Wyss

Monika Wyss – a Certified Systemic Therapist and Psychological Counsellor was born in Warsaw, Poland. Now in Malaysia, she shares her knowledge with groups and individuals…
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Alyssa Ng

Alyssa Ng is a qualified naturopath and nutritional therapist with following qualifications from College of Naturopathic Medicine, London…
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Low Sheau Shy

lssLow Sheau Shy is a certified practitioner, facilitator and trainer at The Golden Space Malaysia. Prior to becoming a full time practitioner, Sheau Shy has been working in finance and accounting related functions in various companies for 11 years…
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Stacey Lee

There’s a famous quote, “A picture tells a thousand words”. Image and colour language comes before verbal language….
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Khema Yen

Khema-Yen is an energy medicine practitioner, and founder of her work, Cellular Akashic ReOrientation (CARO). She specializes in helping clients to reorient back to Well-Being within them …
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Lucy Chan

Lucy grew up in a conservative Catholic family. Growing up, she was constantly questioning her purpose on earth, and felt like there was a missing link in her life…
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Ho Kong Fatt

Ho Kong Fatt is a practitioner with The Golden Space Malaysia. With a strong passion for self-realization, Ho now spends his time helping individuals to live happier, healthier, holistically empowered lives with an emphasis on connecting with the self…
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Vincent Tan

Vincent C.J. Tan was born and raised in Malaysia, he has been going through life turbulences – health, relationships, and financial ups and downs that started him to on the path of body, mind, and soul searching… Read more 

Rozella R. Wong

On her journey, in coming to terms with being a survivor of gender-based violence, Rozella R. Wong has finally found the meaning of forgiveness , 4 levels of it (see talk on ‘ The 4 Levels of Forgiveness’)!…
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Janine Lee

Janine Lee Zi Ting, a self employed piano teacher with BA ( Hons ) in Music, believes that everything in life is driven by love……Read more 

Beatrice Lee

Beatrice Lee’s gift in meta-physics was given to her when she was just a child… Read more


Visiting Practitioners

Francis Bevan

Francis Bevan is one of Australia’s most Accurate Celebrity Psychics and was has won the prestigious award “Psychic of the Year – NSW” 2007 from the International Psychic Association in Australia… Read more


Aurora Starling (Stephanie Van Driesen)

Aurora (Stephanie) has been working with the subtle energies of spirit since her first encounter with the ancient egyptian healing energies in 2006…
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Alia Kearney

Alia has been closely intertwined with the elemental and angel realm ever since she was a little girl…
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Steffan Vanel

Steffan Vanel was born in Akron, Ohio on September 25, 1951 at 11:51 AM. He was raised in Massachusetts and Georgia and has lived many places, from NYC to Hawaii in the US, and for several years in Europe…
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Alison Siemon

Alison Siemon is a graduate of the Awaken the Divine You programmes, taught by the extraordinary Master Umesh H. Nandwani…
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Jenny Cheong

Jenny is a Certified Angel Intuitive® trained by Doreen Virtue; Certified Medium trained by Doreen Virtue and John Holland…
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Anette Maria Keller

Anette Maria Keller, a certified astrologer and naturopathy and psychotherapist…
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Jaime Shun

Jaime Shun is highly passionate about empowering others to live a happier, healthier and purposeful life…
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Lesley Crossingham

I am clairvoyant and for me that means I “see” an Aura of energy and colour around every one!
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Ken Wills

Ken Wills is a former elite Australian athlete who found his spirituality by bonding with nature…
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Sharada Rumi

Sharada Rumi is of a Thai origin from a tiny remote village in northern Malaysia, now residing in Melbourne, Australia…
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Terence Tan

Terence Tan is the Director of Globe Success Learning Sdn. Bhd. as well as transformational trainer, coach and facilitator…
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Cornelia Hon

Cornelia Hon is the Founder and Lead Coach at Possibliss. Cornelia is a professional business and life coach who has years of accumulated coaching experience…
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Rowan Ong

Rowan Ong is an accomplished tarot card reader, Rune reader, Astrologer, I-ching and Bazi practitioner. He was born to a family of mystics and mediums…
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Shé D’Montford

Shé D’Montford, recently nominated for prestigious “The Australian of The Year Award,” is rated as one the top psychics in Australia…
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Jana Moreno

Aside from being a driven entrepreneur, international writer, speaker/trainer, artist and mother, Jana Moreno also conducts…
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Michelle Hardwick

Michelle Hardwick is a certified Hypnotherapist and began her practice in 1999 in New Zealand, her spiritual home. Since then, she has developed her own style of Hypnotherapy…
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SC Chung

SC is known for her creativity in meditation and promoting the benefits of closely connecting with the unconscious mind for achieving goals and inner peace…
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Richard & Remedia

Richard is an American expat who came to live in Asia in 1979. His talents are cleansing negative energies and teaching Spiritual realities clearly and simply…
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Ruby T. Ong

Ruby T. Ong is an experienced healer and caring teacher who endeavours in empowering people….
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