For many years, my work involves providing solutions to solving business challenges; to right the wrongs. I became very efficient at my work and looking at what is wrong became second nature to me, so much so it was the only way I knew how to see myself. My journey out of this anguish led to facilitating my own self-healing process and the rediscovery of my LifeWork.

After 10 years as a business consultant, while on a much needed holiday, I experienced the miracle of self-healing with Holistic Aromatherapy. Since this encounter with Destiny, I quit my work and went back to school to learn various modalities on self-healing & holistic growth. This is the beginning of my inner-venture and the rediscovery of my LifeWork.

LifeWork is the synergy of merging my life purpose into my work, where there is no separation between what I am meant to do and the actions that I take through my work. With deeper understanding and consistently acknowledging my LifeWork, I begin expressing my passions and living a purposeful life of facilitating holistic growth for individuals and corporations.

Susan is a dedicated LifeWork Facilitator, advocating for a life of holistic attitude & conscious actions. She holds a Diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy, Degree in Business Management, and Masters in IT Management.