Stephanie Van Driesen (Stephanie Olivia Lightbridger)

Aurora (Stephanie) has been working with the subtle energies of spirit since her first encounter with the ancient egyptian healing energies in 2006. Subsequently, she was drawn to experience Kuan Yin & Dolphin Sound Healing with Patricia Athena (Aus), which led her to awaken her voice’s potential to bring through healing frequencies and vibrations. She is also trained in Angelic Reiki, Isis Lotus Healing, Soul Voice, ThetaHealing, Intuitive Tarot, and is currently completing the Certified Realms Reader course with Dr. Doreen Virtue. Aurora integrates her healing work, music, theatre and creativity as inspired by Spirit, applied to the Soul’s call. She is of service to all at this time of great awakening as channel, guide, spiritual healer and connector to the many realms of Spirit. She acts as a bridge between the dimensions, and assists you on your Soul’s journey in remembering who you really are. A trained professional in singing and the creative arts, she helps you explore your imaginative reality and connects you with your true self. You will find your path leads you to see, some light, some dark, and Aurora lends her access to sacred ancient wisdom in assistance to you in finding your true way. The true call of the Soul is of freedom and of Love.

Aurora’s work has been featured on, Bfm, Traxx Fm, Capital Fm, The Paranormal Zone Season 2 Episode 6: The Sound of Light, and her article on “Freeing the True Self” was featured in Calibre magazine in Nov 2013.

Testimonials for Aurora’s work:

“I saw the Oracle and it changed my life.” Stephanie helped me reconnect with who I am at the core, with where I most naturally draw my strength from, and reminded my soul that I am not only here on mission but also here to play. She read my cumulative past lives accurately and pinpointed my area of deepest hurt, then helped me to let go and heal. She gave me hope that I have been on the right path and just needed a little more trust. She helped correct some longstanding energetic imbalances and gave me a soul “upgrade”. Go see her and you will have struck gold!” - Gene, Kuala Lumpur

“Stephanie’s sound healing session was a life changing experience. I have been struggling with statue phobia since I could remember. She helped me to release this fear and clear my blockage. Since the healing, I have made peace and I have gone as far as to touch a statue. The sound of Stephanie’s warm and powerful voice wrapped and comforted me like a vibrational blanket. As a singer myself, I find that I sing more true to my voice than ever before. Thank you!” - Akiko Otao, Singapore

“Awe inspiring, touching yet gentle and loving… It’s like watching a beautiful performance that moves you to tears yet somehow in a strange way you feel as if you are also the performer yourself. The healing session helped me gain unexpected insight on stubborn issues that had been bugging me for quite a while. So unexpected, because all I intended initially was to go relax and enjoy the sounds… Instead I’d received so much more.” - Fang, Hong Kong

“I didn’t expect the Sound Healing session to be so deep, so beautiful…..and so uplifting! I was very touched by your beautiful Soul songs and just can’t hold back my tears of relief and joy! The channelling messages was exactly what I need to hear and it trigger wave after wave of deep release of pent-up, old and negative energies …..I felt so free, so light…so nurtured! It was an unforgettable experience, one of the best I ever had…. Thanks again for the very good light work.” - Dave, Singapore