Sonia Anirudhan is an Energy Alchemist. She was a civil litigation
 lawyer for 12 years before she was initiated by the universe to honor
 her soul contract. Since December of 2013, she discovered there was 
more to life than what is experienced through your 5 senses. Her
children (whom she calls her “little Yodas”) taught her to discover a 
world or dimension beyond what is seen with your eyes. She rapidly
discovered after series of excruciating test of faith that she was 
able to amongst others accelerate healing for many ailments some even
without medical solutions for both adults and children. Whilst a
doctor addresses the physical symptoms and medicates, Sonia address
es the root cause of the problem which is encoded in the energy vortex of
 the individual, recalibrates it which in turn accelerates the
 physical symptoms of an ailment. Sonia is constantly metamorphosing
 and always discovering new abilities which are encoded in her soul


I came to know Miss Sonia Anirudh through my wife.  Miss Sonia  conducts monthly spiritual healing sessions on my wife who frequently used to suffer from continuous migraine, joint pain , severe waist pain on the left hand side ever since delivering our last daughter who is 14 years old now. Due to the terrible pain , my wife ‘s normal sleeping pattern was affected and she will be facing mood swing episodes and burst out with anger on petty issues.

My wife’s medical examinations and blood tests appears to be very normal but she was experiencing tremendous discomfort which frequently affected her moods. After knowing Sonia’s  unique spiritual healing powers my wife decided to render Sonia’s spiritual healing sessions and fascinated with the improvements we saw within two or three sessions from Sonia. Initially we saw about 30% improvement in my wife’s migraine, joint  and waist pain and now its almost 80% improvement where my wife is experiencing a remarkable sleeping pattern.

Though medically I cant really explain Sonia’s unique  spiritual powers, I hypothetically believe   Sonia’s healing powers could be associated to some intricate & calming generation of specific meditative wave lengths which in one way or another able to meet a platform of resonance to the affected individual’s  physical and mental stress levels while calming  down the agitated state at the individual’s cellular level.

My wife is continuing Sonia’s spiritual healing sessions at least twice a month and feeling very good. Thanks to Sonia for her spiritual healing efforts. I wish Sonia all the success in conducting her spiritual healing to more individuals with constant discomforts and improve their quality of life.

Dr GK Kogelen, Regional Medical  Scientist-Asia Pacific Division                                                                                                          

Head of DNA Repair/ Anti Aging & Disease Prevention Dept                                          

Aaride J.A. International Inc (France)