Dr. Shé D’Montford, recently nominated for prestigious “The Australian of The Year Award,” is rated as one the top psychics in Australia and has demonstrated her amazing abilities to millions on the top rating Australian psychic reality TV show, “The One.” See a You-tube clip of the show here: http://youtu.be/Fagz9FgpgVg


Dr. Shé (pronounced Shay) D’Montford is a Teacher, Healer, Author, Promoter and Activist. Shé is also the Founding Editor of Spellcraft magazine, Australia’s premier periodical for the occult and esoteric.

Dr. Shé has traveled extensively, teaching, healing, performing rituals, ceremonies and giving demonstrations of The Craft of the Wise and has become recognized as one of Australia`s foremost authorities on spell crafting history and philosophy. Dr. D`Montford is also a member of Australian Alternative And Natural Therapist Association, (A.A.A.N.T.A) and several other organizations. Also, She` was the first religious Pagan marriage celebrant recognized by the Australian Attorney General`s Dept.

For more information on Shé D’Montford, please visit www.shambhallah.org