Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) & New Code NLP

• 马来西亚首位由Dr. John Grinder(NLP创始人之一)亲自培训及授证的NLP导师

• 受到NLP国际导师协会(International Trainers Academy of NLP)承认



Ryan创立NLP Asia (http://www.NLP.Asia),目的在于把最纯正的NLP及最新的发展带到亚洲,在这里开发高品质的NLP,让更多的人有机会受益。Ryan是目前在亚洲国家里仅有成功通过NLP国际导师协会(ITA NLP)严格考验的NLP导师之一。

NLP Asia是受到NLP国际导师学会(ITA NLP)及NLP创始人承认的成员,在马来西亚是第一家,同时也是唯一的一家。




Ryan Tee -Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator

Ryan is a professional agent of change, with more than 6 years of experience in helping people making changes, overcoming difficulties and challenges in life, and creating a greater life that they truly desire. Through these years, he has been trained and certified as NLP Trainer, NLP Master Coach, Hypnotherapist, which gives him a great understanding of how we function, why we do what we do, and also how can change it. And in 2011, Ryan found Access Consciousness, a simple set of tools, techniques and philosophies for living consciously and with awareness. Ryan is 1 of the first batch of Bars Facilitators that get certified in Malaysia, and is now facilitating Access Bars classes. What would it take for you to choose consciousness and to create and generate even more possibilities in life?