Rowan Ong is an accomplished tarot card reader, Rune reader, Astrologer, I-ching and Bazi practitioner.

He was born to a family of mystics and mediums. At the age of 17, his aunt taught him the art of reading the tarot cards. He has decades of experience as a tarot card reader ever since.

He met a Bazi master in year 2007 and learned the art of I-ching and Bazi from him.

With his new found skills, he set off with his teacher and delivered several courses in tarot and was invited to several events in that year.

In 2008, he met Ambika from Sanctum and began consulting there. From Ambika, he learnt divination with the rune stones and was given the opportunity to help others gain clarity in life with it. In 2009, for the Juice 11th anniversary, he gave his first public demonstration of this talent in runes.In that same year, Razor TV interviewed him for his tarot reading.

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In 2010, he was invited to be a guest speaker on tarot at the international Fengshui convention in Singapore where he shared the same platform as other great Masters like Lillian Too. He is the Singapore representative of Tarot Professionals and the organizer of a monthly tarot meetup group under