Chai Kim is a n Ordained Angel Minister, from Gateway University (under the guidance of Rev Dr. Kimberly Marooney), Certified Master NeuroLinguistic Programming Practitioner, Certified Master NLP Coach, Certified Master Time Line TM Therapy, and Certified Master Hypnotherapy and is also a member of the American Board of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Line TherapyTM Association. She is also a Light Language teacher and offers Metaphysical Services.

Her spiritual journey has led her to the Spiritual Master teachers around the world who have supported her. Through this self discovery and soul purpose, which is to help and serve the lost souls to rediscover their soul purpose; she assists the reconnection to Source and shine their Light. She is highly regarded by her friends and peers through her caring compassion, trusting nature and her willingness to assist with unconditional love.