Michelle Hardwick is a certified Hypnotherapist and began her practice in 1999 in New Zealand, her spiritual home. Since then, she has developed her own style of Hypnotherapy – ‘Soul Connection and Evolution’ – which has evolved to integrate processes Michelle has found personally beneficial. ‘Soul Connection and Evolution Hypnotherapy’ bridges the worlds of self; spirituality; body; mind and soul bringing together:

  • The self, represented by current state of self-perception
  • Spirituality represented by self-awareness and connection
  • Mind represented by character and will, openness to new ideas and interactions
  • The Soul represented by the body, emotions, beliefs and aspirations.

This therapy unites all these separate strands, each of which display individual and distinct needs and strengths, into a tailor-made composite able to release the challenges of an individual’s existence and overcome barriers to progress. Further, Michelle is an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Trainer who facilitates transformative EFT training that continues to dramatically benefit the lives of clients and students worldwide. For more than 11 years Michelle has shared her love of EFT with many. In addition to EFT and Hypnotherapy, Michelle is also qualified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and integrates the principles into all her work.

Through her busy international practice, Michelle continues to offer one-on-one consultations either in person or online. Her passion is helping souls heal. Michelle utilizes profound and unique methods of transformation in all her consultations. Clients worldwide have been uplifted by this soul-centered approach. Michelle publishes both nationally and internationally; her writing enabling readers to share and continue to be inspired by her message.

The newly developed Soul Mastery Programme is now available for those wishing to further develop their skills. This latest series of workshops incorporates accelerated growth processes designed to facilitate soul evolution. The programme culminates in a 5-day retreat held in Bali in November 2012.