lesley1.fwI am clairvoyant and for me that means I “see” an Aura of energy and colour around every one! Within your aura, standing slightly behind you, are your Spirit Guides, Spiritual Guardians and Angels. On the outer part of your aura I see Animal Spirit Helpers. These energies are often called Totems from the Native American Indian word for friend. Closer to your body, I see Energy Centres, known as Chakras. This is a Sanskrit word which means wheel. These centres are multi-dimensional vortexes that appear as shimmering spheres of light that speak in colour, sound and vibration. They reflect issues around health, emotional attachments, and the use and direction of your universal or God-Force energy (also known as prana / chi or ki).

When you have a session with me, I paint/draw your personal spiritual portrait, which includes all of these energies. I show you what your chakras are doing, and how your guides and angels are assisting you create love, harmony and joy in your life.

You also receive a reading where I explain what is happening with you and then give you a clairvoyant reading. This reading includes channeled messages directly from your guide, along with some general advice from your Higher Self and your Angels.

This picture becomes a very special tool that can enhance your own sensitive clairvoyant skills. If you frame this picture behind glass it becomes a spiritual beautiful mirror and allows you to see your physical reflection coupled with your energies. By meditating, or simply “day-dreaming” with this picture you will automatically attune yourself to higher levels of understanding and spiritual consciousness. As you relax and open to all the possibilities of your soul-energy you will discover unknown or partially awakened abilities suddenly blossoming into action.